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Facial Cupping Therapy in Chicago & Palatine

Facial Cupping*

Facial cupping uses small, quick-release suction cups with negative pressure to increase circulation and blood flow, assist lymphatic drainage, bring collagen to the surface and relax tight muscles.

The combined techniques improve facial tone, drain puffiness and assist with plumping expression lines and wrinkles as well as softening scar tissue.

Facial cups are gently moved along the surface of the skin, making it a powerful and surprisingly relaxing treatment.

Facial Cupping can also be used to help loosen rigid muscles associated with TMJ disorders and improve sinus inflammation and infection by virtue of the draining effects of the cups.

You should see results after a single session and a cumulative effect with continued treatments.

*NOTE: Facial cupping, unlike regular body cupping, does NOT leave red marks on your face

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