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Massage Therapy Testimonials

the best! I can say honestly that it is very evident that she's very passionate about massage, and is very educated! I have a back injury and other massage therapists have told me it's normal to experience some pain after a massage. I'm not sure this is true, but either way I have never left in pain when going to Dyan. She always knows exactly how to treat my injury, how much pressure to apply, and I leave there feeling relaxed, and just plain amazing! I have recommended Dyan to other friends and family, and they all say they won't be spending their money elsewhere, and that they've never had a better massage.  Dyan goes above and beyond for her clients! You won't be disappointed!"
- Kim Willard

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"Dyan is a talented and amazing massage therapist. Each visit I have had has left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Dyan always takes time to consult before the massage and really specializes her time based on your needs. She makes you feel comfortable and her studio is incredibly relaxing and peaceful. My most recent visit brought me in due to some upper back and neck pain I was experiencing, which resulted in painful and constant headaches. I tried other methods to relieve the pain, including acupuncture, before I visited Dyan. A day or so after my massage with Dyan, the headaches subsided and I felt like a new person. She also took time to go over other methods and stretches to help relieve the pain, which were also very helpful. Whatever reason you might have to visit Dyan, you will be sure to leave with lasting results. She is truly a master at what she does and I won't see anyone else!"

- Marissa Merz

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"Dyan is an exceptional massage therapist.  I have experienced several of the different modalities she offers and found each one uniquely wonderful.

Dyan’s Thai massage is a great way to relax, stretch and release tension from body and mind.  Her deep tissue work is unparalleled in focus and effectiveness.  

I tend to carry tension in my “gut” so Dyan suggested Maya abdominal massage.   I never would have imagined that hands on therapy could make such a lasting difference. 

Whether my needs are therapeutic or simply to relax I can count on Dyan to provide the best possible treatment.  As a massage therapist myself, I am particular about whom I see, and Dyan is always my first choice."

- Catherine Lutz

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"Being a person with auto immune disorders causes my body to be in constant pain and discomfort.  My major complaints are in regard to my rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia.  I have always believed in massage as an alternative therapy, but I struggled to find a therapist who could give a massage that did not aggravate my pain, but instead alleviates my pain for an extended period of time.  I have tried almost every major spa in Chicago and many on the north shore; I have never found a therapist as talented and caring as Dyan. 

Working with Dyan has played a critical role in my ability to reduce the number of pain medications that I have to take.  My condition changes day-to-day and Dyan is able to constantly adjust the type of massage as well as the focus of my massage; she has a keen ability to sense tension and discomfort in areas that I do not sense, because my focus is on my constant back pain.  I always walk out of my massages pain-free and relaxed. 

Whether I receive deep tissue, Thai, hot stone, Luk Pra Kob, Lomi Lomi, or Maya Abdominal Massage, Dyan is able to provide a massage that is customized for my body.  I owe many thanks to Dyan for helping me get part of my life back by reducing my medications and increasing movement in my body." 

- Leslie M.

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"A few weeks after Dyan began offering massage at Frog Temple Pilates Studio, I called to schedule my first massage. Since that point, massage has become an important part of my routine. I had tried massages at most of the top spas in Chicago; and while many of the massages were relaxing, until Dyan, I had never found a massage therapist that really listened to what I wanted to work on. More often then not, I had felt like I received the same massage as the person before me. Not anymore.

I am a fairly active person, most weeks putting my body through cardio, weight training, tennis and Pilates, not to mention spending more hours in airplane seats than most, as I travel a great deal for my job. Dyan takes the time to understand all of these factors and really works with me to alleviate pain and tension and to promote well being. She also goes the extra mile to help me with techniques that I can use at home or on the road.

I also truly appreciate the fact that Dyan offers so many different forms of massage, and is always learning new methods and techniques that she incorporates into our sessions. Her passion and talent for massage are clear. Working with Dyan has improved my quality of life and has let me continue doing all of the things that I want to and need to do."

- Allison Burke

"Dyan is wonderful! She is thoroughly educated and it is very obvious that she knows what to do for any specific type of pain.  If you are coming for specialty massage, Dyan is wonderful at all the various types of massages, and has traveled the world to bring you the best of 

Kind Words about Licensed Massage Therapist Dyan

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