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Infant Massage Class in Chicago & Palatine

Infant Massage Class

Infant massage is a gift of love – both babies and parents receive lifetime benefits. 

Infant massage is a wonderfully simple technique for parents to learn --it is a preventative practice that has been used by mothers for centuries and more recently by fathers taking a more active involvement in the well-being of their child. 

The therapeutic purposes may include promoting circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems, relaxation of muscles, relief of pain, and reducing discomfort due to teething, colic, gas and congestion. 

Not only does infant massage create a loving and fun way to communicate and interact with your child, but it also empowers the parents to help relieve pain and discomfort for their child.

The class is typically done in two one-hour private sessions for you and/or any other caregiver you wish to include.

An infant massage class makes a great baby shower gift!

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