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Outdoor Massage Therapy in Palatine


Outdoor Massage - when the weather is warm enough (60° +) we will be in a screened-in porch for maximal fresh air.

You will be protected from sun and bugs all the while hearing the gentle sounds of nature from the nearby water fountain, the local birds, the rustling of the wind, and the gentle notes of multiple wind chimes.  My home studio is located in a very private, wooded area buffeted by Salt Creek, towering oak trees and a now vacant horse farm.

When it’s cool outside, you’ll be kept comfortable by the heated table, blanket and hot packs. When it’s warm, there will be multiple fans and cooling elements used to keep you cool.

Benefits of Outdoor Massage

  • Massage benefits include relaxation and stress relief, pain relief, injury treatment and more

  • During COVID, it’s a way to safely get a massage with maximum fresh air

  • Great way to spend time outdoors enjoying nature

  • The combination of a massage outside amongst nature creates the ultimate experience in relaxation

When the weather is too cool to be outdoors, we will switch to my indoor studio with a cozy fireplace warming the room, a HEPA air filter running, and windows open for fresh air as needed.

You may also choose from multiple other heated treatments in your session, most at no additional charge.  These include:

  • Hot Packs

  • Hot Stones

  • Hot Towels

  • Hot Booties

  • Warm Bamboo Treatment

  • Warm Foot Soak

  • Luk Pra Kob Treatment (steamed herbal compresses)*

  • V-Steams*

  • Castor Oil Packs*

*Additional charge for these treatments

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