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Thermal Body Wrap Massage in Palatine

Thermal Body Wrap Massage

thermal body wrap massage is a combination of massage, exfoliation, moisturizing and wrapping in a thermal covering. This treatment is perfect for the cold winter months and will leave you feeling blissfully relaxed and warmed to your core.

You will lay swathed in the wrap in front of the fireplace for approximately 30 minutes during which you have the option to receive any/all of the following treatments:


  • Hot towels

  • Toner

  • Facial massage

  • Face cupping (does not leave marks - helps plump skin and increases blood flow)

  •  Jade face rolling

  • Cold stones

  • Under eye mask

  • Application of lip moisturizer

  • TMJ treatment

  • Sinus treatment

  • Steam eye mask

  • Indian Head Massage (with or without warm oil)



  • Use of pulsating massage gun on body

  • Honey heel treatment

  • Foot massage

  • Hot booties


After being unwrapped, you will be massaged again with hot stones. This concludes the 90-minute treatment. Those who choose the 120-minute treatment will receive an additional 30 minutes of massage in the face down position.

Your treatment session will conclude with an additional 15 minutes to relax, nap and/or enjoy a cup of tea. (Please advise if you would like to add this no-cost option at time of booking.)

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